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What does God want us to do together that we can’t do apart?

Billions of people have never had an opportunity to see, hear, and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Others have heard about Jesus, but have not yet responded. When Jesus completed his earthly ministry, he entrusted his followers with his mission. This mission should be greater than anything that has divided his church in the past.

40 Days of Love is a devotional to help Christians pray for, care for, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with at least ten people in their sphere of influence over forty days—in a way that is beyond the norm. Each day’s devotion focuses on how you can experience God’s love and then express it in practical ways to those around you.

Be a part of this movement to bring the transforming life of Jesus into every community, every ethnicity, and every generation.


  • Dr. David Ferguson
    "In a world where love has “grown cold,” the Holy Spirit can use this forty-day journey to rekindle the much-needed testimony of His love. As His church has too often been led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ, these forty days can restore us to Great Commission living, empowered by Great Commandment love."
    Dr. David Ferguson
    Co-chair, Awakening America Alliance
  • John Quam
    "As a member of the Mission America Coalition for over twenty years, I still need constant encouragement to practice a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle in my own life and neighborhood. Chris and Kathy have definitely encouraged me through their own personal commit-ment to this vision, and anything they write will get my attention and help me grow my own witness. I recommend this book to you for the same reasons, and trust that together we will see many respond in faith."
    John Quam
  • Julie Loos
    "Chris Vennetti and Kathy Branzell have penned a practical guide to demonstrating God’s love to a hurting world in 40 Days of Love: A Prayer, Care, Share Devotional. Step one: They guide you to experience the love of Christ personally through well-chosen Scripture passages coupled with key insights. Step two: They offer probing questions to prepare yourself to act purely. Step three: They suggest doable prompts to love others. If embracing the Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle is a step out of your comfort zone, don’t worry. This devotional is a gentle arm around you to lead the way."
    Julie Loos
    Ratio Christi, Director of Prayer and Outreach; Moms in Prayer International, College Groups Facilitator
  • Milton Monell
    "Love changes everything and everyone. Kindness is God’s gift and instrument of mercy to mankind. 40 Days ofLove is a daily devotional that will deeply challenge you live out God’s lovingkindness toward others around you. Join the adventure of the Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle. It will change your life!"
    Milton Monell
    Director of Global Prayer for Campus Crusade for Christ, Int’l
  • Rev. Gary Frost
    "In Acts 1:8, Christ told the disciples to be witnesses, not do witnessing. This forty-day journey with Jesus comes from the hearts of two Christ followers who have learned the art of “being.” I encourage you to join them in this forty-day commitment to knowing Christ and making Him known."
    Rev. Gary Frost
    National Facilitator for Prayer, Mission America Coalition
  • Paul Cedar
    "I pray that everyone reads 40 Days of Love! It will bless you and equip you to enjoy a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle."
    Paul Cedar
    Chairman, Mission America Coalition
  • Mark Slaughter
    "In our world filled with so much hate and confusion, Christ followers need to be experiencing the love of Christ themselves and expressing it to our broken world. Reading this book and learning from these two kingdom-minded leaders will launch you into living a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle that impacts your friends and even your whole community!"
    Mark Slaughter
    Evangelist, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship; National Facilitator of Emerging Generations, Mission America Coalition
  • John Robb
    "True love is always revolutionary! Those who came in contact with the early Christians were bowled over by the love of God radiating through their words and actions. They turned the world upside down! This practical 40 Days of Love guide will have the same revolutionary impact on you, your church members, and your community. Get it, read it, and implement it for transformational breakthrough where you live!"
    John Robb
    International Prayer Council, World Prayer Assembly, National Prayer Assembly (USA)
  • Tom Phillips
    "The indications are fascinating; when God’s love, agape love, moves in the heart of an individual, then the person will express Jesus’ love in and through his or her life. This book describes an emerging expression of God’s love in daily praying, caring, and sharing, moving the reader through the proven steps of love’s cleansing, transforming, and empowering stages, initiated by a consistent outpouring of Jesus’ Spirit. This tool will encourage the reader to first receive and then share God’s love. Extraordinary encouragement comes from reading and responding to 40 Days of Love."
    Tom Phillips
    Vice president, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; executive director, Billy Graham Library
  • Dick Eastman
    "Years ago, I recall hearing lyrics that expressed the conviction that love isn’t love until it’s given away! 40 Days of Love: A Prayer, Care, Share Devotional wonderfully captures the sentiment of that timeless idea. Here’s a forty-day guide to help you experience Christ’s love in remarkable new ways—and with plenty left over, give plenty away!"
    Dick Eastman
    International president, Every Home for Christ
  • Dave & Kim Butts
    "Have you ever wondered how to express the love of Christ to others in a way that could change their lives forever and impact the kingdom in significant ways? 40 Days of Love: A Prayer, Care, Share Devotional is a compelling tool to teach you this lifestyle habit of praying for, caring about, and sharing the love of Jesus with neighbors, friends, and others. Allow yourself to be transformed and set on fire for the gospel as you live out His Great Commission of love through a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle!"
    Dave & Kim Butts
    National Prayer Committee/Harvest Prayer Ministries
  • Phil Miglioratti
    "The church is relearning that the Great Commission will be fulfilled when Jesus’ followers are daily obeying the Great Commandment: “As you go ... make disciples ... by loving God and loving your neighbor.” This book partners with you to mobilize the men, women, students, and/or children you serve—to lead them into a daily practice that produces a lifestyle of love-motivated prayer, love-in-action care, and love-compelled sharing of the Good News of Jesus."
    Phil Miglioratti
    Cityreaching.com and Pray.Network
  • Ford Taylor
    "This book will help lead believers into a lifestyle of prayer, care for others, and sharing of Jesus with people by showing how important it is that we love others. If we don’t feel loved by God, it is hard to share that love with other people. The next forty days will prepare you to receive His love so you can pass that on to others as a daily lifestyle."
    Ford Taylor
    FSH Group/Transformational Leadership
  • Reverend Dr. Byron Spradlin
    "Inspiring, accessible, practical, and helpful—these takeaways will help you shape a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle through which Jesus’ Spirit will let you more beautifully help your family, neighbors, and friends touch the Lord’s goodness of help, healing, and salvation. Branzell and Vennetti’s book, 40 Days of Love: A Prayer, Care, Share Devotional,will give you the daily equipping you need to live a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle. You will not be sorry moving through this book as part of your daily worship walk with the Lord."
    Reverend Dr. Byron Spradlin
    President, Artists in Christian Testimony International; coordinator, Arts & Entertainment Affinity Group, Mission America Coalition (Lausanne, USA)
  • David Bryant
    "In recent years, multitudes of Christians across the land have been praying for a nationwide awakening to Christ for all He is. Within this yeasty spiritual milieu, 40 Days of Love calls us to action. Equal parts inspiration and implementation, here’s a resource that will open your heart to Jesus and open your mouth for Jesus. An unbeatable combination!"
    David Bryant
    President, Proclaim Hope!; author, Christ Is ALL!
  • Lisa Crump
    "Nothing will change our world more than accepting and then giving out the love of Jesus. Prepare yourself through this great read, and as you pray, let the Lord lead you forward every day with His love to change the world around you."
    Lisa Crump
    Chief operating officer, National Day of Prayer Task Force
  • Tom Victor
    "Kathy and Chris are two of my favorite people on the planet—because of their passion to help others live an authentic lifestyle of “Prayer, Care, and Share.” Their new devotional will help us all to be on the journey—together."
    Tom Victor
    President, The Great Commission Coalition; facilitator, 4 to 14 Window North American Leadership Team; executive team, International Prayer Council
  • Skip Garmo
    "What matters most to God about any Christian’s life? Our Christlike character—that is, loving Him wholly and loving others selflessly. This dual outcome must be our daily prayer. It’s how we show others that we care. It’s the message that we share. Thank you, Chris V. and Kathy B., for devoting these meditations to those realities."
    Skip Garmo
    PhD, Convener of Disciple Making in Mission America Coalition’s “Love2020” Initiative; author, The Leader’s SEEcret: Asking the Right Questions & Embracing God’s Answers
  • Os Hillman
    "Kathy Branzell and Chris Vennetti’s 40 Days of Love: A Prayer, Care, Share Devotional is a devotional tool that will help you in your personal prayer and devotional life. We all need tools to help us connect with the heart of God through prayer, and this tool is one of the best ever to do that. Start using this devotional each morning and you will immediately see a change in your spiritual life. I highly recommend this devotional if you want to improve your prayer life with God."
    Os Hillman
    Author, TGIF: Today God Is First and The Joseph Calling

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About the Authors

Chris Vennetti is the Co-Founder of the 40 Days of Love, an initiative that seeks to empower Christ-followers in a lifestyle of prayer, care, share evangelism. Chris also helps to steward Disciples Nations International, an international missions organization focused on personal, family and community transformation. Chris and his wife Rebecca live with their five children in Orlando, FL.

Kathy Branzell is the National Coordinator of LOVE2020 and has been an active member of the Mission America Coalition since 2000, serving with the Education Coalition. She taught for ten years in elementary schools (private and public) and then taught in the education departments at the University of Georgia and Fayetteville State University.

Kathy began her ministry journey as the founder and president of Fellowship and Christian Encouragement (FACE) for Educators, where for over seventeen years she has written weekly devotionals to equip and encourage educators. FACE has grown to over 130,000 public and private school educators as they meet and pray in their schools each week. Her writings and prayers are based on the conversations and hundreds of prayer requests she receives each week from educators across the US and worldwide.

Kathy serves on the Board and Membership of the National Prayer Committee. She also sits on the Board of Directors for The National Day of Prayer (NDP), where she coordinates partnerships and philanthropy and helped organize events for the Pray for America Bus Tours from 2013–2015. The 2015 bus tour went to fifty-two college and university campuses in fifty-six days as well as homeschool and high school campuses; the NDP bus team prayed with educators from pre-K through college.

Kathy is the author of the book Prayer Warrior: The Battle Plan to Victory and is a contributing author for the book The Front Line.

She is also a chaplain for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rapid Response Team.

Kathy earned her bachelor’s degree in education and human development from the University of Georgia and went on to earn a master’s degree in biblical studies from Liberty Theological Seminary. She is the wife to her childhood sweetheart, Russ, and mom to Chandler and Emily.